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Please fill out the form below to become a Carefree Distributing Dealer. 

Please note the fastest way to open a account with carefree is to open a C.O.D account.  You will still have to be approved to become a dealer but you will be able to make purchases sooner.  To open a cod account you will still have to fax a valid tax license and fill out a application.  After receiving your fax number or address we will fax or send you a application.  Please note ups and fedex does charge a $12.00 cod fee plus the normal shipping charge.  Trucking company's also charge a cod fee usually $35.00 plus the truck shipping charges. please fill in the form below.

If you would like to open a charge account fill out the form below and we will fax of mail your application to you.

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                                    C.O.D Account untill Open credit charge account is approved.

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